Hi, I’m
Anh Nguyen





Hi, I’m
Anh Nguyen


Commission Info & Terms of Service

Hello and thank you for visiting.
These rules will apply to anyone purchasing a product or service from me.

(*) Always ask if you are unsure about anything.
(**) All information and Terms of service are subject to change every 6 months.
(***) New changes: Added knee-up options. Changed commercial options from 4 to 5 different tiers. Changed private fee. Added more payment methods.

Commission info:


  • Your original characters, fanart, furry, light gore etc...
  • NSFW commission via DM
  • I won't do things that I personally don't like
(*) I can do both semi-realistic and stylized art


  • You can DM my social media @jillymun (ig) or @MunJilly (twitter)
  • Email brief to jillymun.pa@gmail.com

  • Brief template:
    • Client social media account: (In case I can’t reach you through email)
    • Client Paypal email:
    • Private/ Commercial option: (put N/A if not applicable)
    • Type of commission: (eg: half body, full color)
    • Brief: (Describe how you want the character(s) to be drawn. What is the story you want to convey through this drawing? What are your characters doing? Why are they feeling a certain way or making a certain expression?)
    • Colored references for character: (link or attachment, as many as possible)
    • Details that need attention: (if applicable. Mole, tattoo, birthmark etc.)
    • References for background: (if applicable) (optional) 
    • Character personalities or backstories are appreciated. I love to get to know the character I’m drawing. (optional)

  • For the brief, you could also send a stick figures drawing + annotation if you can’t describe it correctly with words.

  • You don’t have to answer all questions in the brief but the more information provided, the faster your commission will be. If you want a simple scene, you also don’t need to answer every question, be concise.
  • You can discuss with me via Instagram @jillymun but the brief must be sent via email
  • After receiving the brief, I will confirm whether I would accept your request. I have the right to refuse your commission request.
  • If I made a mistake because the ref's not clear then it's not my fault.
  • Please tell me if you want more than 1 char in the same artwork otherwise I'll draw them separately.

  • Your commission will only be confirmed and I will only start working on it after I've confirmed your payment.


(*) Scroll down to find commercial fee
(**) Base price = character option + background option. Total price = base price + add ons.

in USD Sketch (no color) Full render Color sketch (clean line)
Bust up 40 80-120 60-80
Half-body (hip and above) 100-120 150-200 120-150
Knee-up 120-150 200-250 150-200
Full-body 150-200 250-300 200-250
+simple BG (flower, small animals, sky, cloud etc.) 20-50 50-100 40-90
+ detailed BG (architecture, perspective): please discuss with me 40-150 80-200 60-150
+ multiple characters in 1 artwork : each additional character +80% of total base price example: full color half body, 2 characters, detailed background = (170+80)*1.8 = 450
+ additional complexity charge, price per complex detail (creature/pet, complex weapon, detailed special effect rendering, accessories, extra long hair etc…) 10-40 40-100 20-50


Half-body (200) + complex weapon (50) + detailed background (100):

Bust-up, clean line (150) + simple background with cat (50) + commercial fee (1.5x):

Bust-up, color sketch (60) + simple background (20) + add 3 characters  (+240% total price)

Half-body (150) + detailed background (200) + special brushwork (40):

Half-body (150) + detailed background (80):

Full-body + simple background:

  • You can request MAJOR changes 3 TIMES WITHOUT ADDITIONAL CHARGES. I will send you 3 WIPs and you can request changes after each: the first sketch, color sketch, final color before rendering.
  • Additional major changes will require additional cost.
  • You CAN upgrade your commission anytime, simply by paying the difference.
  • Changing character after coloring stage is generally not allowed. 
  • What is considered major changes?
    • Change character design
    • Alter composition and/or color of the artwork
    • Add character/background


Although you can only request major changes without a fee 3 times, you can ask for status update anytime.


Full res jpeg and/or png file of the artwork. >3000 pixels, 300dpi unless requested otherwise.

CMYK conversion included for print commission.

Unmerged Psd will be priced differently.


Within 3 days for the first sketch.

3-6 weeks after full payment unless stated otherwise.

Rush fee (1-2 weeks or skip waitlist) is 40% of total price.

Timeline & price will be discussed personally beforehand.


If caught breaking my ToS, you will be warned and will NOT be allowed to purchase products from me for a period of time (determined by the offense).

Depending on the offense there might be permanent ban or black list.



I love giving small gifts like chibis and stuffs, especially if I have to delay the deadline because of whatever reason. 

10% discount sometimes given to my frequent commissioners or friends. 


If you want to support me as an artist, please use my ko-fi link below.

Support Jillymun on Ko-fi! ❤️



  • Paypal or Wise are accepted (USD only) generally. In some cases, I also accept  Venmo or Zelle.
  • Use Goods and Services option in Paypal.
  • Full payment or at least 50% deposit should be within 2 days after the first sketch, but can be negotiated if communication is clear or you have purchased multiple times.
  • For Installment: not available atm.
    • An installment can only be negotiated for purchase of a minimum $200 with a down payment of at least 40% of the original price. This must be cleared with me before purchase is confirmed. 4 weeks at max is allowed for installment.
    • Having outstanding installment debt will prevent you from making any further purchases until it is cleared.
  • You will not receive the full file until the full price is paid.

If purchasing my products using someone else's money/paypal/card, I must be informed and shown proof that this transaction is approved by all parties.

NO REFUND REQUEST from client. PLEASE DON'T ask for a refund/retreat your bid/withdraw by hiding your bid.

  • (*) In case the artist and the client have a serious dispute or disagreement (client request unreasonable fixes after sketches and payment, artist is not allowed creative liberty etc.) and the artist cannot continue the work, the artist has the right to cancel the commission and refund a total of 60% of the commission value. Any work-in-progress up to this point belongs to the artist and credit is obligatory.


  • Once purchased, the original artwork and original design (if applicable) belongs to me. You may use them for whatever PERSONAL purpose you wish but credit must always be given to @jillymun when reposting any original arts.
  • This mean you may not use my art in any published material, even free material, on any online or physical marketplace unless you have my written permission and you have paid accordingly. 
  • I retain the right to post and use the art I have created and your ownership will always be credited. However, I won't post the final artwork or not-watermarked version without your permission.


  • My commissions are generally for PERSONAL use. For commercial use, the price will differ.
  • COMMERCIAL FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE EXCLUSIVITY. Credits are obligatory and must be visible to the audience. 
  • 5 price tiers for commercial use:
    • 1x price: NOT for commercial use: for personal enjoyment solely, the artwork should not bring you any profit.
    • 1.5x total price:  not for resale and reprint (social media promotional materials, streams, CD cover, game assets, etc.)
    • 2x total price:  use for resale and reprint, small quantity: less than 300 copies (print, body pillow, postcard, merchandise, etc.).
    • 2.5x total price: use for resale and reprint, medium quantity >300 copies 
    • 3x total price: use for resale and reprint, large quantity >1000 copies 
    • Does YouTube assets (banner, avatar, using art in videos) count as commercial? Yes, same for Patreon, Twitch and any ad-supported sites.


  • If you don’t want to include my watermark or you don’t want me to use/ upload the commission on my social media/ portfolio, there will be a fee of 100% of commission total price.


  • Again, the original artwork belongs to me unless you have my written permission and you have paid for the rights to do so.
  • You MUST NOT edit any of my original artworks without permission.
  • Please don’t claim the original arts/design as yours.
  • Please check with me if you find this unclear.
  • Email/DM me if unsure about any edits you want to make.


  • Claiming my original art or design as your own.
  • Chargeback/refund/retreat your bid/withdraw by hiding your bid.
  • Editing without permission
  • Using in genAI 

If you buy a product from me, you will have read and agreed to these terms.

If you think you may be getting scammed, please approach me via email jillymun.pa@gmail.com or Instagram @jillymun for clarification.